Qi Gong therapy is a collection of specific techniques that use the knowledge of the internal and external body energies to purge, tonify and balance.

These are safe and effective ways for a patient to remove the buildup of toxic pathogens and years of painful emotions that often lead to mental and physical illness.

The practice entails coordinating slow movements with breathing, to cultivate the flow of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), in a sort of graceful, fluid dance. It is a form of exercise but is much less a muscle-based workout, and more of a mindful, energetic-based practice.

Our experience is that, because Qi Gong helps improve posture and respiration, induces the relaxation response, creates favorable changes in blood chemistry, and improves concentration, almost everyone could benefit from this practice.

Benefits of Medical Qi Gong include:

*  Optional treatment for patients with needle phobias or sensitivities

*  Effective for treating infants and small children

*  Combines preventative and therapeutic healing modalities

*  Increases patient’s mind/ body awareness

*  Empowers the patient to be actively involved in their healthcare

Qi Gong includes both dynamic and gentle techniques that can be practiced  while standing, seated,  or lying down on one’s back. Our Qi Gong teacher can tailor your practice to your individual needs, making it an ideal aid to recovery from illness or injury.

Benefits of Qi Gong:

  • Enhancing circulation and warming the blood
  • Developing reflexes and dexterity, and preventing osteoporosis
  • Increasing arterial circulation which nourishes the nervous system
  • Increasing mental focus, acuity, energy, and concentration, and much more

Our purpose is to empower people with the tools for sustainable good health by identifying healing methods that are both natural and effective, and also biologically and ecologically friendly. We treat all clients with compassion and respect, and honor each person’s beliefs and faith.

If you want to resolve root issues, improve your physical health, as well as emotional and spiritual challenges, you've come to the right place. We enjoy providing quality total wellness services for the global community, and we look forward to helping you.

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