Medical Acupuncture is the term used to describe acupuncture performed by a doctor who is trained and licensed in Western medicine, and who has also received training in acupuncture as a speciality practice.

The Medical Acupuncture Service offered by company name, helps both children and  adults manage their acute and chronic pain through a procedure called acupuncture.

In our practice, we offer acupuncture, nutritional and botanical treatments, massage therapy, and energy medicine. Our philosophy is to combine traditional health care practices with evidence-based research and experience.

Our services are highly personalized, and we believe in the ability for each individual to heal in body, mind and spirit.

Medical Acupuncture involves positioning very thin needles on various points on the body, depending on the specific symptoms or pain of the patient. Accurate placement of the needles draws energy to the desired areas, and allows for positive energy flow.

Medical Acupuncture can be effective for treating both acute injuries and chronic conditions.

We treat the following illnesses, injuries, or chronic conditions:

* Digestive conditions, including heartburn, excessive stomach acid, persistent hiccups, diarrhoea and constipation

* Respiratory ailments, including sinusitis, common colds, seasonal allergies, asthma, and bronchitis

* Neurological and muscular conditions, including headaches, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, acute sprains, tennis elbow, and neck/back pain

* Eye conditions such as nearsightedness, cataracts (without complications) and pink eye

* Toothaches, gum disease, etc

* Post-chemotherapy conditions, including fatigue, pain, dry mouth, and dry eyes

As a physician specializing in pain management and wellness, our experts use their expertise to combine acupuncture with western medical treatment techniques, such as spinal injections and nerve blocks.

Our treatment is performed in a safe and comfortable medical environment and is often a simple, painless and effective part of a patient's overall pain management and wellness plan.

If you have had problems for which standard medical treatments haven’t worked well, or have created unwanted side effects, perhaps it’s time to try medical acupuncture.

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