Have you observed that your computer is not running and functioning like usual? Have you observed that different pop-ups like advertisements are popping on your screen? Have you noticed that when you start your personal computer it runs slowly and sluggishly? How about crashed and broken files? Or even security attacks? If you have observed all these things and many more on your computer then, you should immediately call and ask for help from OS help Miamisince your computer is under attack and invaded by viruses and malwares that will cause huge and big problems when not being fix immediately. 

Viruses on our computer weaken the system and may cause big problems to us. There are cases that important and confidential files have been stolen and accessed by many people because of the viruses that are present in our computer. Aside from that, computers are like us humans, we work and function slowly when being infected by viruses. Therefore, we as owners should always ensure that our computers are free form viruses. Here`s a little information on how to fix computer virus: 


The most important factor in getting rid of the viruses in your computer is to download or install antivirus software. This will not only remove the viruses in your computer but also protect future viruses and malwares that might invade your computer. Aside from that, it is most advisable to install and download a virus scanner to detect and identify if there are suspicious malwares invading in your system. 


Viruses mostly gained from the internet and it is widely spread when internet connection is present. Therefore, as owners, when you are trying to get rid of the viruses in your computer, you should disconnect your computer from your internet connection to avoid further damages. 


Apart from disconnecting your computer from the internet, rebooting it into safe mode is the best thing to do when attempting to get rid of the viruses. In rebooting your computer, you should at least turn it on and off, when the screen displays, you should press F8 to access the options in advanced boot, after that you can eventually click the safe mode. Remember to stay internet-free, to avoid damages. 


One way to delete the virus is to delete the temporary files in your computer. Some of the virus has already accessed your temporary files and some are hiding there. So in order to delete the virus, delete the temporary files. Furthermore, if you have already removed the virus you can immediately reboot your computer by turning it off and on again. Then, you can now connect to the internet and always remember to update and install antivirus software to avoid these kinds of circumstances and delays. 

If you are having difficulties in getting rid of the viruses in your personal computer, you can immediately and eventually call our team to effectively remove not just the threats of viruses in your computer but also their presence.