Preparation for the reception of first Holy Communion for Children takes place on Sunday at 11.45am with effect from 25th January 2015.

Would parents please fill in the enclosed Enrolment form and return it to the Presbytery as soon as possible. We recommend that children should have reached their 8th birthday before their First Communion Day.

The date for our celebration in 2015 will be Sunday 7th June at 10.30am Mass - the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) The Mass will be followed by the annual Parish BBQ to which all are warmly invited!




Saint Dunstan’s Catholic Parish Keynsham

First Holy Communion Enrolment Form



Name of Child______________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________




Phone _______________________________email_____________________


Date of Birth__________________________Age now_________________________


Church where we attend Mass_____________________________________________


Church where our Child was baptised_______________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________



Date of Baptism_____________________If the Baptism was not at St Dunstan’s

you will need to supply a Baptism Certificate.





Father’s Name____________________________________Religion__________


Mother’s Name___________________________________Religion___________




I/We wish to enrol our child to prepare for First Holy Communion.


I/We will go through the workbook with our child at home, talk to them and try to help them understand what they are preparing for.


I/We will attend the sessions for parents at St Dunstan’s


I/We will accompany our child to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday at St Dunstan’s and with God’s Grace continue to grow more into the life of that worshipping community.








Please return the completed form to The Parish Priest The Presbytery 20A Bristol Road Keynsham