Congratulations on the birth of your child.

To bring new life into the world is indeed both a very special gift and a challenge.

Thank you for wanting your child to join the family of the church through Baptism. You have decided to give your child the chance to grow up in Christ. We want to help you carry your decision by giving you our whole hearted support.


Are you ready for your Child's Baptism?

When you ask for your child to be baptised it is your faith that is important. At the ceremony, you speak on your child's behalf. You present your child for Baptism and promise to nurture the new life of grace your child receives. It is therefore important to be part of the faith community as this is the community into which your child will be baptised. The first step to your childs baptism is to chat to the Parish Priest after a Sunday mass. Baptismal preparation sessions will then be arranged and a date will be set at these sessions.

Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism

Your child's baptism is an occasion for the whole parish. It is important for the parish to mark the occasion too. Infant baptism normally takes place at one of the Sunday masses at St Dunstan's.


Choose your child's Godparents with care! They must share your faith and be at least 16 years old. It is customary to have two Godparents though only one is required. Godparents must be Catholic. The reason for this is that they understand and share the responsibility of handing on the faith to your child as (s)he grows up. Non-Catholics who are practising memers of other Christian communities can be chosen as witnesses to stand with Godparent(s) during the ceremony.

Baptismal Certificate of Catholic Parent

Please note that the Catholic parent will be asked to present a copy of their own Baptismal Certificate. 

The Baptism of older children

Sometimes parents request baptism of an older child – say three or four years old. The  above notes also apply to the baptism of older children. However, once a child reaches the age of reason (about the age of seven or eight), the child will undergo a period of catachesis in the faith. 

If you do not live in St Dunstan's Parish

Strictly speaking your child should be baptised in the parish where you live. However, you may regard yourself as a member of "the worshipping community" of St Dunstan's, attending Mass here regularly. In this case please speak to the priest of the Parish where you live and ask for written permission for the baptism to take place here.



Baptismal Application form

The Catholic Parish of Saint Dunstan Keynsham



Name[s] & Surname of Child to be Baptised____________________________________________

Date & Place of Birth______________________________________________________________ 

Name of Father___________________________________________________


Name of Mother___________________________________ nee____________


Address _________________________________________________________________________________

Tel No____________________________________Email_______________________________          

Marriage: Church & Place___________________________________________


Full Name of Godfather_________________________

Full Name of Godmother_____________________________

Other Christian Witness____________________________________

At least one Godparent is required and all must be a practicing & confirmed Catholics.

A baptised & practicing member of another denomination may be a Christian Witness.


Proposed Date of Baptism______________________________________________________

To be agreed with the Parish Priest. Baptisms are celebrated at the Sunday Parish Mass

(6pm Sat or 10.30am Sun)

Baptism involves the serious undertaking to lead a life of attachment to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence, the parents of the child are asked to answer the following questions:


1.   Do you realise that in asking to have your child baptised, you accept the duty of raising him/her in the faith of the Catholic Church, so that by observing the commandments, he/she will love God and neighbour as Christ taught us                                                                                                          


Will you fulfill this duty by word and example?                      



2.   We/I declare that we/I understand the meaning, the privileges and the duties of baptism.
We/I undertake to bring our child to Mass on Sundays & Holydays and give him/her a Catholic education.
We/I have answered the questions truthfully before God.

 Signatures_________________________________________________ [Father]*


                    _______________________________________________ [Mother]*


*    In the case of a "mixed" marriage the partner who belongs to another Christian Community may wish to give the same undertaking.  If not, he/she is asked to make the following declaration:


I willingly allow my child to be baptised according to the rite and teaching of the Catholic Church.



If the child is to be baptised in a Parish other than that in which the parents reside

they must obtain the permission of their own Parish Priest.


I hereby give permission for the above named child to be baptised in the parish of



Signature of Parish Priest___________________



Please return/email this form to the Presbytery when completed. Thank you.

There is no fee for a Baptism but it is traditional to make an offering to the Parish Priest